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IRR Division

Our Installations, Retrofits and Renovations Division represent the on-site project execution arm of Mazin Engineering and works closely with our TAGS and SEMA Divisions. For example, while SEMA deals with commercial supply of products, the IRR Division deals with the installation aspect of these products.

The IRR Division also deals with various installations, retrofits and renovations primarily dealing with tank farms, gas pipes, oil rigs and service stations (retrofits only) on a project-to-project basis



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Tank Farm Rehabilitation Projects
  • Tank Farm degassing and cleaning.
  • Internal linings using Line-X Advanced Coatings.
  • Installations, retrofits and renovations of Ultraflote Corporation internal floating roofs and geodesic dome systems for tank farms.
  • Retrofits, renovations and installation of all tanks farms accessories including piping systems, pigging systems, level gauging systems, oil and marine hoses, vapor control products and loading arms.
  • Complete renovation and re-commissioning of existing tank farms.
  • Desludging of Tank Farms using E-oil solutions.


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Other Installations, Retrofits and Renovations
  • Total rehabilitation projects for pipelines and oil rigs using advanced Line X coatings.
  • Secondary containment projects using advanced Line X coatings.
  • Installation, supervision and consultation for steel gas and polyethylene gas pipeline projects.
  • Retrofits and renovations of service station canopy systems.
  • Maintenance of various steel structures via application of Applied Ultrasonic Technology.
  • Installation of Detonation Suppression Systems on pipelines, tank farms, semi trailers etc.


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