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Inbred Entrepreneurship
  • Dynamics. The soul of Entrepreneurship is deeply-rooted within Mazin Engineering and primarily contributes to the energetic thrust and dynamic ambitions of the Company.

  • Out-of-the-box thinking. One of Mazin Engineering’s core strategic strengths resides in its highly qualified personnel – who are equally motivated and empowered to build and act on new ideas and innovations – and their openness to integrating solutions and providing a “Win-Win” situation for all parties.

  • Excellence and Teamwork. Our organizational structure was specifically designed to generate a spirit of high performance within the Company culture. Teamwork is the essence of our excellence and forms the “think-tank” and “muscle” behind our endeavors

Complementary Product Range
  • One reason why our Clients choose Mazin Engineering is because we offer  comprehensive product and service packages, which represent completely compatible and complementary solutions at affordable prices.

  • Mazin Engineering has harmoniously integrated its entire products and services so to provide the Client with a total turnkey package.

  • Our “One-Stop-Shop” philosophy coupled with our product-specific expertise provides our Clients with a convenient solution to their project demands
Environmentally-Conscious Products

Several products supplied by Mazin Engineering have been developed with the intention of safeguarding the environment and as environmental conscious alternatives to previous options, for example:

  • Leakage Monitoring Systems. Nigeria's only Double Wall Underground tanks with patented 24 hour leakage monitoring systems from Lafon S.A.

  • Protective Coatings. Line X industrial coatings are environmental friendly and are used to protect against pollution.

  • Vapour Control. Ultraflote’s Floating Roofs, Geodesic Domes, Vapour Vents and Gauging Systems.

  • Leakage Protection. Lafon Filling Limiters and Fiberlite Manhole Chambers.

  • Environmental Friendly. Halock Polyethylene Pipes and Georg Fischer Coupling Systems.

  • Explosion Suppression. Advanced Detonation Suppression Systems from Safety Technologies
Clearly Outlined Future Endeavors
  • Proactive planning has helped maintain a consistency in growth for Mazin Engineering.

  • Our Continuous Improvement Committee has mapped a short and long-term agenda in sync with our Corporate Missions and Vision.

  • As a result, Mazin Engineering is able to revert its focus to common aims shared throughout the spectrum of its structure. 

  • The new configuration within our organization has resulted in a highly energetic and integrated effort to collaborate and play an integral role within the Oil and Gas Industry of Nigeria and West Africa as a whole.



















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