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Management Team

Our Senior Management team brings to the firm a unique set of expertise and vital relationships. The team is comprised of a group of professionals possessing a high level of entrepreneurial, business and specialist experience in various fields of industry. Equally significant are the Group’s personnel which consist of over 250 members. 

  • Chief D.H. Jarmakani:  Group Chairman
  • Otunba Olu Awotesu: Group Legal Advisor
  • Mazin D. Jarmakani: Group Executive Director
  • Jad D. Jarmakani : Group Executive Director
  • Edward Tohmeh: Group Procurement Director
  • Tarek C. Hmaidan: Group Sales and Marketing Director.
  • Arch. Fajir F. Hamzah: General Manager TAGS & IRR Division
  • Mahesh Vasnani: Project Manager - Group Maintenance Manager.
  • Akindele A. Stephen: Project Manager - Specialty Equipments, Materials and Innovations Division
  • Wael Kutrob: Production manager - TAGS Division
  • Kristian Okereke: Manager – Light Metals Division
  • Godwin C. Egbuonu: Group Product/ Liaisons Manager -   Line-x.
  • Hycinth D. Nwaode: Group Administration Manager 
  • Christine S. Inyang: Group Human Resources Manager
  • Dele B. Fadiya: Group Financial Controller
  • Shadi N. Al Saadi: Group Finance Manager




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