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Resourceful Networking

25 years of operation in Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Storage, Transportation and Distribution Industry has greatly strengthened Mazin Engineering’s networking with the Nigerian business environment and outside world, mainly in terms of:

  • Cliental within Nigeria and West Africa as a whole
  • Local Strategic Affiliates
  • Overseas Strategic Partners
  • State and Federal Governmental and Legal Authorities
  • Local Institutional Bodies
  • Local and Overseas Suppliers and Sourcing Agents
  • Local Complimentary Contractors and Sub-contractors

Our relationships with the above are ever-growing and represent the main external resources that feed our ability to deliver and maintain our promises.

Experience, Reputation and Cliental

Given our experience and long-term relationship with our Cliental, which includes all Major Oil Companies, Mazin Engineering has developed a strong, consistent and secure reputation for delivering solutions. Some of our Clients include: 

  • Julius Berger (last contract:  fabrication of 64 double wall tanks)
  • ExxonMobil Plc (last contract: 170 double wall tanks)
  • ChevronTexaco Plc (last contract: fabrication and installation of 93 double wall tanks)
  • GlobaCom (last contract: fabrication and installation of 400 diesel tanks) 
  • TotalFinaElf Plc (last contract: erection of complete lubrication plant with 3 tank farms)
  • Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (last contract: Abuja Headquarters - steel structures, canopies and roofing structure)
  • Unipetrol Plc (last contract: refurbishment of 2,000,000 liter storage tank)
  • Siemens (last contract: steel structures, canopies and general roofing)
  • General Motors (last contract: complete refurbishment of factory structures)
  • Mobil Nigeria Plc (last contract: 500 single wall tanks)
  • ELF Nig. Plc (last contract: fabrication and erection of 3 tank farms)
  • Total Plc (last contract: fabrication and installation of 4 tanks farms)
  • Nigeria Airways (last contract: fabrication and erection of Boeing 737 hanger)




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