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Nigerian Content

Nigerian Content is an issue that cannot be over emphasized by a developing nation, especially in a country with such large resources –both human and material – as is with Nigeria.

 Mazin Engineering has been at the forefoot of promoting Nigerian Content, and continues to play a significant role in the following areas:

  • Local Job Creation. With a 97% local workforce (115 factory and field workers and 20 office personnel), Mazin Engineering has embarked on a mission of complete “Nigerianization” of its operations

  • Transfer of Technology.
    1. Training: Mazin Engineering has continuously insisted on maintaining a high level of technical standards, which is reinforced by a fully comprehensive training program branching throughout its entire operations (e.g. welding, testing, painting, visual inspection of fabrication designs and methodology).
    2. Empowerment: Mazin Engineering is structured in a manner that facilitates the creations of up-and -coming leaders, through a performance based evaluation system.
Strong Emphasis on Quality Control
  • Quality Control is an integral factor for Mazin Engineering and is never compromised, from the initial procurement process to end delivery of product or service. 

  • All Oil and Gas Storage products are reassessed and tested using various methods. For example, the following testing parameters are used in our tank fabrication workshops: Surface Crack Detection Tests, Pressure Tests, Hydrostatic Tests, Interstitial Pressure Testing, EN 12285 Design Specification Tests,  Paint Thickness Testing, Spark Testing and Glycol Chemical Tests.

  • Mazin Engineering’s commitment to quality is a product of its 25 years heritage of delivering world-class products and services to world-class Clients.
Troubleshooting and Continuous Improvement
  • The nature of operations in Nigeria is one of harsh challenges. 

  • One important trait that significantly differentiates Mazin Engineering from other companies is its proactive approach to remedying potential problems.

  • The Maintenance and Troubleshooting Department was formed in January 2003 to tackle all factory related problems and develop long-lasting solutions to such problems.

  • Furthermore, January 2003 also witnessed the creation of the Continuous Improvement Committee, which is responsible for developing and enhancing the agenda for long-term progress and productivity throughout all operations.







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