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SEMA Division

A series of Exclusive Technology Transfers and /or Trade Agreements by the industries key international players have contributed to SEMAs commercial distribution of an impressive line-up of products and service.

Apart from marketing and distributing all products used by TAGS (Lafon, Orange State Industries, Halock, George Fischer and Fiberlite), SEMA also distributes for and offers consultation on the following products:

  • Esab International Exclusive Distributor of Esab welding and cutting machines and OK consumables.
  • Line-X Corporation Master Distributor of Line X protective coatings, including Paxcon bomb proof coatings.
  • Ultraflote Corporation Exclusive Distributor of Ultraflote floating roofs and geodesic domes.
  • Safety Technologies Exclusive Distributor of Detonation Suppression Systems (DSS).

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    Line-X Protective Coatings

    Mazin Engineering LTD is the Master Distributor of Line-X Corporation in Nigeria, the following products and services are available via our SEMA Division:

    • Licensing, consultation, supply and installation of all Line-X machines, consumables and accessories for Nigeria.
    • After sales service, technical support and maintenance of Line-X products.
    • Specialized training services on coating method and applications, trouble-shooting and maintenance.
    • Project based hiring of Line-X protective coating services

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    Tank Farm Equipment
    • Consultation and supply of Ultraflote floating roof systems for tank farms.
    • Consultation and supply of Ultraflote Geodesic Dome systems for tank farms.
    • Consultation and supply of tank farm loading stations and loading arms via Lafon.
    • Consultation and supply of tank farm accessories such as piping systems (Halock/Georg Fischer), pigging systems (FMC), level gauging systems (ENRAF and Smith Meters INC), oil and marine hoses (FMC), vapor control products (ProtectoSeal), via our technical affiliates.
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    Specialty Equipment and Materials
    • Supply and commissioning of aviation products via Lafon.
    • Supply of Detonation Suppression Systems (DSS).
    • Supply of flexible polyethylene piping systems.

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