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TAGS Division

Our Tanks and Gas Station Division represents an impressive line-up of correlated products and services.

A series of Exclusive Technology Transfers and /or Trade Agreements by the industries key international players have contributed to TAGS delivery of total turnkey solutions, mainly:

  • Lafon S.A. – Exclusive Representation and Distributor of     Lafon products and in Technical Cooperation on Double         Wall tank fabrications.
  • Orange State Industries – Exclusive Representation and in Technical Cooperation on installation of pre-engineered    canopy systems and mini marts.
  • Halock / Georg Fischer – Exclusive Distributors of Halock / Georg Fischer’s line of polyethylene oil and gas pipes via         Lafon S.A.
  • Fiberlite – Exclusive Representation and Distributor of Fiberlite manhole chambers.

  • Fabrication and installation of Single Wall Underground and Aboveground tanks up to 100,000 liter capacities. 
  • Fabrication and installation of Double Wall Underground tanks up to 100,000 liter capacities. 
  • Fabrication and installation of Mobile tanks up to 100,000 liter capacities.
  • Fabrication and installation of lubricant tanks, bitumen tanks, tar tanks and accessories.
  • Retrofit, renovation and refurbishment of semi-trailers and underground / aboveground tanks.
  • Application of Line-X industrial coatings.
  For a Comprehensive overview on our Double Wall Underground Tanks, please download our Special Presentation
Gas Station Solutions
  • Supply and installation of all Lafon products including dispenser pumps, tank fittings, gauges, fleet management systems, card management systems, car wash facilities, gas station management system software  and accessories.
  • Supervision, burial, and installation of underground tanks with attached civil works.
  • Installation of Halock/Georg Fischer flexible polyethylene Oil and Gas Piping systems .
  • Fabrication and installation of conventional canopy systems.  
  • Supply and installation of Fiberlite manhole chambers.

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